Thursday 15th December 2016, 7:30pm | The Atkinson

Naomi Webber - christmas special

Naomi Webber (née Sykes) grew up in a village in Cheshire, part of a large family in which creating music together socially and in church was a common part of life. She took great delight in performing songs to her accommodating family members, having taught herself a few chords on the piano. While most of her musical experience was in singing traditional, gospel and popular music, as a child she would often appreciate the jazz her Grandpa would play through the house on his beloved record player, and she is now recognised as an accomplished jazz singer, featured in Trio Nay (with Tom Sykes and Lee Webber). For this Christmas special Naomi will perform jazz songs associated with the festive season and jazz versions of Christmas songs, accompanied by the other members of Trio Nay and local guests including the committee of Southport Jazz Club!